Faction Skis

Faction was established in 2006 by a group of pro-skier friends who viewed skis as more than just an object. They saw skis as “tools of escape and a medium for personal expression”. With that in mind, Faction was set up to create skis that ride just as good as they look. Faction skis are all manufactured by riders who test, rate and develop the skis in order to provide a range of products that is flawless. Using innovative materials like recycled PET and wood, carbon, steel or fibreglass, Faction make super lightweight skis that will feel incredible no matter what terrain you prefer or what your riding level is. Faction don’t only create amazing skis with bold minimalist graphics, they also manufacture outerwear and quirky soft goods for you so you can “keep the stoke alive” when you are skiing deep in the mountains or just when you’re walking down the street.