The future of surf fins

Back in 1996, two brothers with backgrounds in building aerospace parts and designing hydrogen fuel cells decided to take their technical expertise and throw it into something they both loved – surfing. These were the Longo brothers, and they wanted to start a business that fused their passions for riding waves with science and design – to help improve their own surfing and the surfing of others. 

The Longos decided to focus on an area of surf design they felt had been long overlooked by the industry in terms of technical advancement – surfboard fins. They called the company ‘Futures’ and aimed to bring futuristic materials and tech to the industry, while respecting the art of surfboard shaping. They set up offices in Huntington Beach, California, started designing prototypes and each wave that broke near the famous Huntington Pier surf spot became a testing opportunity for the company’s innovative surf fins.

California Designed. California Tested. 

Futures have built a well-deserved reputation for pushing the boundaries of fin design. They were one of the first companies to design a super-stiff, big-wave-specific fin for swells that were pushing the limits of what was possible. They were also the first company to make a pre-lamination fin box that got its strength from lightweight fibreglass.

The company has always considered designing and building their fins locally in California to be vital to their ethos. Every product comes together in their Huntington headquarters before being sent out the door with some of the world’s top surfers to be tested that same day. Quick feedback from these top surfers and board shapers is an important part of the process of tweaking their range of fins for the diverse types of waves and surfboards their customers ride.

Innovation For Every Surfer

The company also believes in constantly trying to improve upon every fin they produce. For Futures, the status quo of any of their products – no matter how well-received they are – would be an insult to their innovative goals. Sometimes this means pushing against the status quo of board design and ruffling the feathers of surfing’s old guard by using futuristic materials and shapes in their fins.

Futures are okay with doing that because they want to provide the best fins for every surfer and every type of swell. Whether that’s helping someone surf their first wave, or helping their team rider John John Florence win the 2016 World Championships, Futures is committed to never settling in their pursuit of the best possible fin designs.

Futures at Freeze

We’re stoked to carry a great range of Futures fins and accessories because it’s so clear that they’re a quality brand that’s focused on innovation and performance for every rider. 

Need a little help?

If you’re interested in any of our Futures fins but not quite sure what you’re looking for, or you have any questions at all, please get in touch. We’ve got a friendly team of surf geeks who’d be more than happy to talk you through it.