A Scandinavian Legend

Haglöfs is the largest supplier of outdoor goods in Scandinavia and one of the most sought after brands in Europe. Since their modest beginnings in Sweden, Haglöfs’ focus has been to make gear that’s highly functional, able to perform all the essential jobs that we need it to when we’re out in the elements. Quality and attention to detail have always been top priorities which is why Haglöfs’ clothing, outerwear, backpacks and sleeping bags are all tested in the most demanding conditions.

Haglöfs has grown into a Scandinavian institution, known around the world for producing top quality gear for a whole range of outdoor sports and activities. But despite their growth, Haglöfs remains tied to the Swedish principles of excellent design, minimalist aesthetics, and durability – while making technically sound products that work as well as they fit. 

Over 100 years of history

Haglöfs range of products had their beginning’s on a Swedish farm in 1914, where Wiktor Haglöf began building backpacks for the local logger’s, before branching out and selling to local farmers and school children as demand grew. A few years later he registered the company and the business quickly expanded from his family’s cabin to a factory in the nearby town. 

Over a century later and Haglöfs are still making the high-quality backpacks that their customers love, but they’ve also expanded to include hundreds of different products, from ultra-warm sleeping bags to technical outerwear, which are now sold worldwide.

Scandinavian Design With an Environmental Conscience

Much of the Haglöfs collection takes a ‘less is more’ approach to design, with clean, lightweight, highly functional products in every category of outdoors equipment and apparel that they manufacture. Often they’ll shun the excessive and unnecessary bells and whistles adopted by other brands, confident that a simple Haglöfs product has all the features it’ll ever need.

Haglöfs works closely with a team of accomplished climbers, mountain guides and multi-sports enthusiasts, who test products and provide feedback, helping to continually refine and improve designs. Each product is built to withstand the harsh winters and diverse conditions that each distinct season brings to the wilderness of their native Sweden. Of course, that doesn’t mean they won’t fit right in around style-conscious Stockholm or anywhere else for that matter.

Even with their growth, Haglöfs hasn’t also lost sight of what matters. More than 60% of Haglöfs products are either made with organic cotton or BlueSign-approved materials and are marked with a ‘Take a Care’ label, which identifies them as being environmentally neutral. With a commitment to reducing their carbon footprint by limiting energy consumption and reducing greenhouse gas emissions in all aspects of their business, Haglöfs are consistently working to help preserve the outdoor environment that we all love.

Need a little help to choose?

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