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About Jetboil

Jetboil began life in 2004 with a simple aim – to improve on the inefficient design and relatively slow boiling times of other portable stoves. Since then they’ve pushed forward with new designs and patents to continually evolve their original stove, improving and adding to it to create the clever range of products and accessories that they offer today.

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How it all works

Unlike traditional stoves, Jetboil stoves use an insulated cooking pot. Wrapped up in durable, insulating neoprene, the Jetboil billycan prevents heat being lost through the side of the can during cooking or boiling, and helps you to heat things far quicker than with a traditional burner.

Their innovative burner design helps to protect against the wind and interference with the flame, whilst maximising the transfer of heat energy to the base of the billycan. Just another way that Jetboil reduces heat waste and improves efficiency, meaning you can boil water in a fraction of the time of more traditional pots and stoves.

Safe and easy to use

Jetboil systems aren’t just quick, they’re packed with extra features that make them safe and easy to use too. Most bases feature a nice solid and stable tripod that helps to stop them falling or being knocked over – meaning you don’t lose your precious food and water when you need it most.
Most systems also allow you to attach your cooking pot securely in place on top of the boiler. This means that they’ll be in the ideal position to heat up efficiently, and they’ll be impossible to knock off like you might a traditional cooking pot.

Chuck in a push-button lighting system, colour-changing heat indicators and a bunch of other dedicated accessories and you’ve got a cooking and heating system that’s ready for anything.

The ultimate outdoor cooking system

Jetboil say that they’re committed to empowering a world of exploration by simplifying and personalising outdoor cooking for people like us – and we certainly can’t argue with that. It’s an award-winning system that we’re huge fans of here at Freeze, and has become one of our best sellers. Whatever your next trip is – if there’s cooking, boiling or heating involved – your life will be made significantly less stressful with the addition of a Jetboil system. They come highly recommended.

Need any help?

If you need help to choose a new camping stove, or anything else for your next outdoor experience, we’re here for you. Our friendly and knowledgeable team are here to answer your questions, so get in touch.