About Lange 

Lange has been at the forefront of ski boot technology for over 50 years. Since founder Robert Lange developed the first plastic downhill race boot in 1962, Lange has been pushing the progression of ski boots forward, with an uncompromising focus on research and development to use the newest materials in the classic moulds of their high-performance boots. 

Lange built a reputation for being the boot of choice of the world’s most prominent ski racers. Since 1965, their boots have continually been on more World Cup and Olympic downhill podiums than any other brand. More recently, Lange has branched out into the freeskiing world, adapting the moulds and knowledge gained through years of making the best race boots, into a line of all-mountain boots that are now regarded as being some of the best in the industry.

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Tech advancements from the beginning

If Lange are to stay on the feet of the world’s best racers they need to constantly look for new ways to improve their ski boots. The company was the first to invent the front entry ski boot, that has since become the industry standard. They tirelessly experimented with different plastic composites to improve flex for aggressive responsiveness and also worked to push the ski boot cuff higher up skier’s calf - where it’s now located in modern designs - to reduce injuries occurring in early low-cut race boots.

Today, Lange uses some of the most malleable, performance-enhancing materials in their shells. Lange boots combine stiffer cuff materials with more forgiving clog composites to maintain the best-shaped boots for a skier’s foot, while not losing consistent flex patterns. Add in Lange’s infamous narrow heel pocket fit and standard features like treated aluminium buckles and you have one heck of a ski boot.

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Freeze and the Lange XT 

Since its inception the XT series has been praised and reviewed as being one of the best freeskiing boots on the market. The entire series comes with heat-mouldable liners, performance enhancing power straps and metal on metal hike/ski release system, which ensures uncompromising stiffness while skiing, and won’t wear out like it’s plastic competitors.

Now with the release of the XT Freetour series, Lange has taken the freeskiing-touring boot to a new level. The Freetour’s feature all the performance of the original XT, but with increased lateral and horizontal movement in hike-mode, WTR rocker soles, Ultralon liners and Dynafit tech binding inserts. They’re also extremely lightweight and the bright, neon-ish colourways stick out in the alpine. The XT Freetour’s are considered one of the best fitting ‘hike and ski boots’ on the market, that don’t sacrifice any downhill performance despite its enhanced touring capabilities.

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