Lib Tech

About Lib Tech Surfboards, Snowboards & Skis

Originally (and still) a respected snowboard manufacturer, Lib Tech has been working on alternative surf construction techniques since the early 1980s, but it’s only relatively recently that they’ve felt the time was right to make the move into surfing, with a range of boards and accessories that have broken the mould in terms of surfboard design and manufacturing.

A brand who won’t settle for the status quo

The brand feels strongly that today’s boards are too fragile, too toxic, underperforming in terms of their design, and outsourced for construction to some of the cheapest labour markets in the world. While many may accept that as the way things are, Lib Tech have refused to accept the status quo, feeling that each of those points were something they could deal with and improve upon. And it’s on those points that you’ll find them creating their main point of difference and unique place in the market. 

Rewriting the rulebook for surfboard construction

For strarters, Lib Tech aims to set a new standard for durability in surfboard construction by completely redesigning the manufacturing process. Despite over 30 intricate pieces going into each board, only the stainless fin screws are industry standard. They’ve developed a new foam chemistry, new fibres, new vibration dampeners, a new matrix, new fin boxes, their own fins, even their own lightweight leash plugs. 

Not epoxy or polyester

Instead of using the industry-standard toxic polyester or old-fashioned epoxy that you get from other brands, Lib Tech uses a new chemistry called LVR43 HIGH REBOUND MATRIX that has higher elongation, extreme ding resistance, and responsive rebound. With this new core construction material, their Hexzylon Fiberfoam skin, and their advanced construction techniques, they’ve created a super durable product with an altogether much friendlier manufacturing method that has eliminated the need for all the sandpaper, tape, paintbrushes, dust clouds and toxic solvents that did so much damage to craftsmen and the environment around them.

Handmade with love in the USA (near Canada)

Their end product is super ding-resistant, with a high energy return for a lively ride, and a silky-smooth timbre, even in choppy surf. Lib Tech use their unique techniques to create handcrafted, unique, progressive, high-performance shapes that excel in inverted skysurfing or just trimming down the line – and all of their boards are handcrafted, one at a time, by them, in the USA, with love.

Need a little help to explore the range?

Choosing the right surfboard or surf accessory for the job can be tricky, so don’t suffer in silence. We’ve got a team of friendly surf geeks who are ready to spring into action when you need them, so feel free to get in touch with your questions – big or small – and we’ll be more than happy to help.