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Back in 1862 a rope-making apprentice in the Swiss town of Dintikon set out to create the best all-purpose climbing-specific ropes in the world. From these simple beginnings, Mammut was born. Over 150 years later and with all of that rope-making experience under their belts, it's easy to see why so many climbers, hikers, skiers and mountaineers trust Mammut gear – it’s durable, functional and it lasts. 

The company has grown into a much-loved go-to brand for many of the mountaineering products it helped to pioneer. They’re trusted by some of the world’s best mountaineers as one of the premier manufacturer of ropes and climbing equipment, as well as an industry-leader in mountain clothing, footwear, accessories and backcountry safety gear.

Mammut – which literally translates as Mammoth – took the huge prehistoric beast as a logo to reflect the strength of their product. The quality of their equipment has certainly backed up that big claim, and the mammoth mark has become one of the most recognisable signs of robust reliability in the mountain sports industry. 

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A Mammoth History of Invention 

Mammut’s history is as long and intricate as the woven climbing rope that they make. They were the first brand to have their ropes certified for climbing, the first ropes to feature a braided, kernmantle construction and the first to invent a glacier rope made from Nylon yarn. 

It wasn’t until 1978 that Mammut transitioned this expertise for climbing ropes into other areas of the mountaineering and backcountry industry, but when they did, they nailed it. They were one of the first brands to use Gore-Tex in their outwear, and one of the first brands to use this waterproof and breathable fabric on other accessories and products.

By the 80s Mammut was using an array of cutting edge materials and designs to construct a small line of harnesses, carabiners, helmets, sleeping bags and climbing gear, as well as to improve on the engineering and designs of their original climbing equipment. With every new product, they added to the brand’s impressive line up – continuing to rigorously test their new offerings in the most extreme conditions the Swiss Alps could provide. 

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Mammut at Freeze

Here at Freeze, you’ll find a range of Mammut’s Removable Avalanche Safety backpacks, bringing you some of the most advanced designs and tech in backcountry safety. If you find yourself touring, hiking or skiing in hazardous snow conditions, an RAS backpack can greatly improve your chances of surviving a slide. 

Of course, if you’re thinking about touring or venturing off piste, you should take a good look at Mammut’s transceivers and probes – essential tools for anyone heading into the backcountry.

You’ll also find Mammut’s brilliant sleeping bags, harnesses, headlamps, carabiners, shovels and accessories – all considered to be amongst the mountaineering world’s best for strength and durability.

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