By snowboarders, for snowboarders

Back in 1989, Seattle was the hub of Pacific Northwest snowboarding. Sepp Ardelt and Tommy Delago were watching big ski companies try to encroach on the world of snowboarding, so they decided to start a board company with a focus on producing snowboard products made by riders for riders. 

Over a quarter-century later and Nitro is one of the few ‘core’ snowboard brands to remain rider-driven and rider-owned, with a focus on making the best snowboard products in the world. 

Nitro has always aimed to stay true to its roots, and with every innovative product line expansion the company has maintained a focus on product quality through rider testing and feedback. 

With this vision and focus they’ve grown into one of the largest all-purpose snowboard brands in the world, manufacturing a line of boards, boots, bindings, outerwear and accessories that caters for any style or level of rider.

Progression and style 

Nitro is a brand that pushes snowboarding forward by pioneering innovative technology and thoroughly testing the product they ride. They were the first brand to come out with an asymmetrical twin-tip snowboard, and also the first to design the 3-piece – baseplate, heel cup and highback – freestyle binding. 

Nitro makes products with a distinctive look that appeals to snowboarders that fall a little outside the mainstream. From earthy colored or dark black outerwear, to simple and bright board graphics, and futuristic-looking bindings. The company aims for the right mixture of design and function, incorporating the essential product feedback they get from their pro team who are out there riding the product every day.

An elite team

Nitro consistently attracts some of the best riders and biggest personalities in snowboarding. Video part and contest super-star Eero Ettala has had over a decade of Nitro pro-model products. Backcountry soul riders like Austin Smith and Bryan Fox have their own pro-model board graphics, while big-air and slopestyle wizards like Marcus Kleveland and Sven Thorgren have helped design a series of park boards. Of course, they don’t forget snowboarding’s legends, sponsoring veterans like Jeremy Jones and Victor De Le Rue who are still pushing the sport forward today.  

Quality technical products

You can always count on Nitro to give you quality technical products that work. Each of their boots features an easy-pull twin-lacing system with heat-moldable Cloud liners. Many of their bindings give you adjustable baseplate canting options and air dampening tech under foot to protect your knees on landings. They also produce one of the largest and most diverse board line-ups in snowboarding, with a range of decks that feature progressive shapes and profiles for different types of riding, all designed and tested by the brand’s elite group of engineers and team riders.

Nitro at Freeze

We’re stoked to be able to carry a wide range of Nitro products. Like us, the company has been 100% dedicated snowboarding since their inception. They now make a product line that few companies in the industry can match.

Need some help to explore the range?

If you're not quite sure which Nitro product you might be looking for, we've got plenty of useful info to help you make a decision over on our Gear Guides Page. You'll find guides to buying boots, bindings, boards and more, that explain the tech that's involved and what you need to think about before you make that all-important choice.

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