Back in 1997, Tony Hawk had just landed the 900. MTV was still relevant and skateboarding and snowboarding was about to hit the main stream. Back then it felt like time moved a little slower. That’s also when California Surfers Andy Leats and Chad DiNenna were looking to make a watch that matched their lifestyle. Chad and Andy saw that there wasn’t a watch on the market that combined the needs of their friends who rode, with the proper aesthetics expected by the surf, skate and snowboard communities. 

Nixon is now the model of a rider’s watch. It was founded on the ideas that board sport enthusiasts shouldn’t compromise the function and style of their watches, while also staying true to timeless designs and quality construction no matter what the price point of the watch is. The company now makes a series of accessories and apparel that follow the same sleek design principles as their watches. No matter what you choose to buy from Nixon, each product carries the unmistakable logo that represents quality and a higher level of board sports culture.

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It’s the little details that set’s Nixon apart. Nixon carefully selects, tests and designs their watches with the best materials possible. Whether you’re purchasing something sporty and digital with a leather strap, or something with classy stainless steel finish, you know you’re getting a product that not only looks awesome, but that’s going to last. 

Many Nixon watches feature high-resolution displays, waterproof housing, hardened mineral glass and luminous surfaces. Incorporating these features into designs that appeal to people who ride is what Nixon does best, and despite their watches price point differences the brand backs its quality with a solid manufacturer’s warranty.


Getting the nod to the Nixon team as a surfer, skater or snowboarder has long been associated with legend status. That’s because Nixon only sponsors the best of the best.

Ever heard of Tony Hawk? How about Andrew Reynolds? Snowboard legends JP Walker or Jeremy Jones? How about Snowboarder Magazine Rider of The Year alumni Nicolas Mueller? Surf Guru Rob Machado? John John Florence - the guy who just became the 2016 World Champion?

If you haven’t, look them up. They all share one thing in common. They ride for Nixon. The best riders get the best watches, and their lucky enough to put that beautiful Nixon sticker on their boards.

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Here at Freeze we carry a wide selection of Nixon watches and accessories. If you’re looking for something you could wear to the beach check out the Supertide series. Want something a little classier? Check out the 51-30 Chrono series – warning, they aren’t cheap. Whatever your taste is, be sure to check us out online or in store for an awesome selection of one of board sports coolest lifestyle brands – Nixon watches.

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