Keeping your stuff safe while you surf

Just over a decade ago, Matt Strathern had an original idea. He was surfing off the North-East coast of England and thinking about where to stash his car keys. He couldn’t keep them in his wetsuit and all his valuables were in his car. This was a problem that needed a solution.

The key storage conundrum stuck with him until he finally thought of a solution – a device that could securely store his keys while he was surfing. It was a simple padlock with a code combination, where the keys could be secured inside, then fastened and locked somewhere on your vehicle or elsewhere.

This was the original Keypod key safe and it proved to be Strathern’s golden idea. He launched a brand to produce the Keypods under and dubbed it Northcore, after his love of UK surf culture. Since then, Keypods have been a huge success and at the same time Strathern has turned the brand into a full-blown surf-accessories company.

The Keypod that started it all

Strathern made the first Keypod drawings in his tiny garden shed along the North Sea coast. After having the first prototypes made, he started taking them to local beaches and surf shops where they got a warm reception from everyone he spoke to. The sales started to roll in and soon the local surf shops were stocking them and demand for the product took off.

There was nothing like the Keypod on the market and it offered a practical solution to a problem all surfers faced. Now on its fifth generation, The Keypod has grown in popularity with surfers in the U.K. and can now be seen in car parks at surf spots around the globe. 

New products with the same Northern roots

Northcore is still based in the UK and its founder is still a self-proclaimed hardcore cold-water surfer. And while Northcore built its base on the innovative Keypod idea, they’ve also turned their clever minds and design expertise to other surf products with a lot of success. 

The Northcore collection of accessories now includes useful products like car seat covers, change mats and towels, wetsuit hangers and a growing line of surf and casual bags, which are awesome for trips to the beach with or without your surfboard. 

As with the invention of the Keypod, Northcore always tries to offer practical solutions to surfers, beach lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. And while they certainly don’t scrimp on quality, value for money is always at the forefront of their mind. 

Northcore at Freeze

We love to support other independent UK-owned and operated brands like Northcore who support the scene by sponsoring local riders and competitions. That’s why we’re proud to offer a great range of Northcore accessories – including their ever-popular Keypods – and demand for their products has been steady from our own surf team and our hardcore UK surf customers.

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