About Ortovox

German mountain safety Pioneers Ortovox have been at the forefront of mountain emergency technology since 1980. They’ve played a key role in the development of avalanche transceivers, lightweight snow shovels, probes, safety airbag systems and more, helping to make the mountains a little safer for those of us that love them.

They like to think of themselves as a year-round mountain brand though, so you can be sure that their range of backpacks and apparel will perform as well on your summer mountaineering trip as they will on your winter skiing holiday or extreme expedition.

Ortovox Avalanche Safety and Backpacks

Committed to mountain safety

Over the years, Ortovox have contributed some important technical innovations to the avalanche emergency world. Double-frequency transceivers, Smart Antenna Technology and targeted training measures have all helped to save lives in the mountains all over the world.

They also provide a rich source of mountain safety awareness information for free on their website, in the form of their Ortovox Safety Academy Lab. Check it out for loads of expert advice on how to stay as safe as possible, as well as top tips on the most effective use of their products in the event of an emergency.

Ortovox Backpacks, Avalanche Transceivers, Shovels and Probes

Obviously, to be truly safe in the mountains you need the right equipment and to know how to use it, so we’d always advise that you enrol in a mountain safety course before you go. Once you’re all tooled-up, we recommend speaking our friends, the Avalanche Geeks.

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