PAAD Traction

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About PAAD Traction

They make textured traction for your surfboard. Pretty simple, right? But sure, they’re not the only ones who do – so what makes PAAD Traction different? 

Well, they won’t charge you extra for a team-rider signature pad, knowing full well the team rider in question has barely cast their eye over the design. They won’t charge you extra for diamond-cut, platinum-coated, NASA-approved, super-hyper-ultra-extra-light materials and designs, knowing full well it’s just the same as what the guy down the street is making.

They won’t convince you that that they’re powered by organic fairy dust, locally-sourced unicorns and positive vibes. They won’t push some pseudo-punk ethos on you either. Because that’s not PAAD.

What they will do, is provide you with a high-quality, high-performance, low-cost, aesthetically pleasing traction pads for your surfboard… because that’s all you need, right

Anyway, enough about them and go check out their products. It’s just a PAAD. So get a grip!