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Ever heard of the Aguerre brothers? No? Well you’ve probably heard of their sandal brand Reef. You know, the ones with surf legend Mick Fanning’s famous bottle opener sole, for that quick and dirty beer on the beach after a session. If you haven’t been lucky enough to check out a pair of those yet, you certainly should.

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A rich history

In the ‘80s, the Aguerre brothers relocated from Argentina to San Diego to surf… oh, and attend university of course. After starting a bunch of different surf businesses – they owned a tour guide company and a surf shop – the brothers decided to get into the footwear business. They bought some design equipment and materials, and moved their small business – originally dubbed ‘Reef Brazil’ – into the same Southern California warehouse as the legendary Rusty Label surfboard-shaping factory. From there the company blossomed.

From the beginning Reef’s marketing set them apart. The brothers understood the beach lifestyle and what surfers and wanted from a sandal. Of course, they also paid top Victoria Secret models to wear them in photo shoots, which could well have helped things along. 

Reef invested heavily to build a team of the world’s best surfers. It wasn’t long before the brand began making shoes, and then eventually surfwear and streetwear. They also branched out in to the wakeboard industry, sponsoring the top pros and events on the Florida and California circuits. By the late 2000s the Reef brand had blown up. You couldn’t walk into a core surf shop, or any sort of footwear store, without seeing a huge selection of their sandals.

But despite the growth and popularity of their footwear, one thing has never changed – surfers continue to buy and wear Reef sandals because they’re comfortable and they last.

Reef Sandals, Flip-Flops and Clothing

Reef at Freeze

The Reef range of flip-flops, sandals, board shorts and t-shirts is a perennial feature in our surf range and never fails to deliver. The Aguerre brothers’ love for surfing has always shined through in their products and Reef’s boho and organic-feeling designs have stayed rooted in the beach culture that inspires them.

You don’t have to surf to rock a pair of Reef flip-flops, but when you do, you know you’ve bought into one of the surf industry’s most well-respected brands. They continue to sponsor top events on the pro surfing circuit and their sandals are seen on the feet of legendary and up-and-coming surfers alike, so if there’s one thing for certain, it’s that Reef are here to stay.

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