Ronix – almost 30 years in the wakeboarding game

Ronix released their very first wakeboard in 1990. Since then they’ve grown, developed, redeveloped, designed and redesigned. An independently owned and rider-run company, Ronix, boasts a team that are constantly pushing the sport to the next-level. Riders like Jamie Lopina, Dominik Hernler and Danny Harf continue to take Ronix’s products beyond the realms of possibility, whether they’re riding through the park, or behind the boat. 

Quality from day one

Since day one Ronix have continued to produce wakeboard equipment that’s best known for one thing above many others – quality. Their competent crew of artists, engineers, riders, and owners are passionate about crafting riding devices that fuel the imagination and expression of wakeboarding. This season sees top-end products reviewed and redesigned – once again revolutionising the small things we often take for granted – lace locks, edge profiles, performance materials… 

Simple innovation that fuels the sport

Ronix have developed some of the best tech in the world of wakeboarding. Their boards are packed with simple and complex innovations that are crafted to make your ride that much more enjoyable. Perpetually on the cusp of modernisation, Ronix’s equipment is built to ride, and do it well. Their range of boots sees the addition of EXP technology – creating one of the best cable park boot/bindings about. 

Need a helping hand buying Ronix wakeboard equipment?

Not sure what you're looking for? Not a problem. We’ll have a comprehensive guide to Ronix wakeboarding equipment coming soon. If you’d prefer to get in touch and talk, rocker, flex and fluid dynamics than don’t hesitate to get in touch.