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About Salewa

Founded in 1935, German manufacturer Salewa started out making quality leather goods and began to really flourish in the post-war West. While they started out making bags, backpacks and soccer balls – hazelnut ski poles became a major seller for them, paving the way for them to become a respected mountain brand.

Decades of mountain equipment experience

First, their Andes backpack took off, then their adjustable crampons, tubular ice screws and more, before the hugely successful Sierra dome tent launched in 1979. From there they branched out into virtually every area of mountain equipment including helmets and safety gear, mountaineering kit, and even super lightweight technical outerwear.

A respected global player

Today, Salewa is a huge global brand, supplying 2,500 shops around the world from Europe to North America and Asia. Their lines of men’s and women’s apparel, technical clothing, footwear and mountain equipment is extensive and very well respected.

Salewa at Freeze

At Freeze, we’re a big fan of their tents in particular. The range is varied in terms of weight and speciality, so there’s something to suit your needs whatever they may be. But what’s consistent across every model is their quality and robustness.

Wind and weather-resistance that you can trust

They have some excellent domes, using super-sturdy semi-geodesic designs that are tested up to crazy speeds in German wind tunnels before being released to the world. But with that solid build they’ve managed to retain all the liveability and comfort you need to make every trip an enjoyable one.

Light, weatherproof and built to last – what more could you want?

Need any help?

If you’re not quite sure which Salewa tent is right for you, then get in touch. We’ve got a team of helpful outdoor enthusiasts that are ready to answer and questions you might have – big or small.