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Quality skid lids since 2007

Back in the early 2000s, legendary Whistler pro Kevin Sansalone was busy making full-length snowboard videos with his production company, Sandbox. These videos were famous in Western Canada for showcasing the best up-and-coming pros in Whistler, along with handfuls of established riders like Sansalone himself.

Built for Whistler

In the mid-2000s, Whistler resorts instituted a mandatory helmet policy in all their terrain parks. Sansalone saw an opportunity to make stylish helmets that would keep his video production riders looking good and riding safe while continuing to film their videos on the famously gnarly Whistler-Blackcomb jumps. 

In 2007, Sansalone began designing and manufacturing Sandbox helmets for the masses. The original idea was to keep the brand grassroots and only produce helmets and accessories that core riders in Whistler would wear. The original Sandbox brim model was a hit with Whistler locals though, and it wasn’t long before demand started to flood in from much further afield.

A hit worldwide

Since then, Sandbox has continued to build a global following for its brain buckets with their commitment to safety and rider design input. Sandbox’s knack for simplistic designs and easy-going colorways, combined with their creative and fun marketing campaigns, has kept their helmets in high demand. 

The town of Whistler and the surrounding mountains are the perfect place for Sandbox to continue their R&D to improve their products, but they’re not only into snowsports. They’re now making helmets for other action sports like biking and skateboarding too, and they’ve expanded their line of products into eyewear and accessories.

Sandbox at Freeze

We do love a grass roots, rider-driven brand like Sandbox and their helmets have proved to be just as popular with our team riders in the UK dryslope and indoor scene as they are on the slopes of Western Canada. What are you waiting for? Go get involved!

Not sure what you’re looking for in a helmet?

It’s important to choose a helmet that’s the right size, with the right features, and to make sure it fits. If you’re not sure what to look out for then check out our Ski and Snowboard Helmet Buyer’s Guide.

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