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In Italian SCARPA literally means shoe, and boots are what the brand by the same name do best. SCARPA’s modest beginnings are rooted in the Montebelluna region of Italy where foothills lead to steep mountain ascents. The need to walk these mountains is at the core of all SCARPA products and the region is also where centuries of footwear manufacturing have occurred, resulting in some of Italy’s best-practiced ski boot craftsmen.

SCARPA began in 1938 as a family owned shoe-making business. In the time since they have become known as one of the premier manufacturers of mountain footwear and ski boots in the world. They’ve done this while staying true to their owner’s handmade family oversight, with almost a century of knowledge going into every piece of footwear. 

SCARPA is now seen as shell above the rest in the lightweight, hike-function ski boot game. By sticking with their methods and also understanding the demands of modern mountain sports, they have taken innovative approaches to adapting new technologies, R&D, and cutting edge design to meet the demands of the contemporary skier. SCARPA now makes some of the most-manoeuvrable, most versatile ski boots in the world, with utility, fit, and performance being the brand’s guiding philosophy since day one.

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Innovation from the ski boot's very beginning

SCARPA is innovation. They were the first company to create a GORE-TEX boot, the first to use plastic on Telemark ski boots, and the first to make a boot that was both telemark and alpine touring compatible. 

SCARPA builds their ski boots from the inside out. Many of their high-end boots come with unique INTUITION liners – the leading aftermarket ski boot liner – that are specifically moulded to the shell they’re paired with. Boots like the Freedom RS feature an extremely lightweight carbon reinforced Pebax Renex shell, and are compatible with a large range of the best tech bindings in the industry. 

Each attribute and feature in SCARPA ski boots relates to the terrain it’s been designed for, but also features versatility for the boot to be adapted to all types of skiing depending on the boots flex. Easy to use hike-functions that are designed distinctly for the boot model in SCARPA’s line up, lock in solidly for skiing and are easy release for hiking. Many of the boots in the Freeride line come with Vibram soles for hiking grip, along with having pin compatibility that can be swapped for an alpine sole if the skier desires.

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Freeze and SCARPA

If you’re looking for a light boot for those long ascents, or a boot that can beef itself up for the steeps while maintaining its feather-weight status, look for SCARPA ski boots. With a large team of alpine athletes like Chris Davenport, testing and using their product in extreme conditions worldwide, SCARPA’s boots are made for the best, by the best. The reputation built in Montebelluna is well deserved.

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