Surf’s up with SexWax

The 1970s were a different time in California. Counter-culture was at its peak, and the general population was becoming more tuned-in to the West Coast lifestyle and surfing. Around that time a guy named Frederick Charles Herzog the 3rd – or Zog for short – was shaping boards and running a small surf shop in Galeta, California, right at the heart of 70s surf culture. 

Sticky and durable

Zog was a in a unique position as he watched the increasing demand for surfboards shaped by shops like his. He also saw that there was a need for high-quality wax to apply to the boards, as most of the wax on the market back then wasn’t doing the trick for him and his friends. Zog wanted a wax that was sticky, allowing for that all-important grip and board feel, and also held up in the salt-water swells he surfed on a regular basis.

A meeting of minds

It just so happened that a chemist named Nate Skinner worked in the same building as Zog’s surf shop and one day the two got to talking about the state of surf wax. They turned out to be the perfect pair to develop the wax Zog envisioned. After some rigorous testing and modifications to some early prototypes, they came up with a formula that became the standard for the high-performance wax that Zog and his surf buddies wanted.

What a name

The two founders gave the product a suggestive and catchy name, and sent Zog on a trip down the California coast with a pick up truck full of SexWax to sell to shops and surfers. Like the ultra-sticky wax Zog was peddling, the name eventually stuck with surfers and shop owners. A few years after the initial road trip, demand for the product in California was through the roof. 

A worldwide phenomenon

Today, Zog’s SexWax is one of the most recognizable brands in surfing and their wax is located in surf shops from California to Indonesia. Here at Freeze we carry a huge selection of SexWax, and we make sure that we stock extra cold-water wax for the hardy local surfers that need it.

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