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Protect ya neck with Sharkbanz

Swimmers, surfers, body boarders and casual vacationers all suffer the same fears as they spend more time in the oceans. They share the need to feel safe from some of the ocean’s scariest and most dangerous creatures: Sharks. 

Having spent years in the ocean, surfing and diving, witnessing shark attacks and having near misses themselves, the Sharkbanz founders began to wonder what they could do to prevent an attack.

Determined to find an elegant solution, they decided to take action.

Based on scientific research

The Sharkbanz idea was simple – to create a truly effective product, based firmly on genuine scientific research, that would help to protect its wearer against potential shark attacks.

After reaching out to a group of scientists at SharkDefence Technologies, Sharkbanz began the process of researching and designing a simple wearable device to keep sharks away from swimmers. 

It wasn’t long before Sharkbanz flagship design was born, and it became an almost overnight success. Today they’re trusted by many of the world’s top athletes and thousands of recreational ocean-goers alike.

How it works

Sharks are incredibly receptive to and reliant on electromagnetic forces. They use them to judge distance, shape, and even sense the heart rate of other animals near them.

Most shark attacks occur in shallow waters off the coast where there’s a high concentration of swimmers and sharks in the same location. In crowded environments like these, sharks rely on their electro-receptors instead of their eyes to locate what’s around them. Most of the time they leave humans alone, but when they do bite, it’s usually out of curiosity in an unprovoked ‘hit and run’ attack.

Sharkbanz uses a patented magnetic technology to disrupt the shark’s electromagnetic receptors and prevent attacks. The strong signal the band emits is like shining an ultra-bright light into their eyes in a dark room. This signal overload is often enough to scare a shark and keep it away from the wearer.

Simple, Stylish, Affordable and Environmentally Conscious 

We’re big fans of stylish safety and the guys at Sharkbanz are too. They’re committed to providing a product that’s simple, safe, looks great and won’t take a bite out of your wallet. 

Sharkbanz look just like other athletic bracelets and sports watches. You can wear them on your hand or ankle while you’re out swimming or surfing and they won’t look out of place if you need to run a few chores on the way to beach either. 

Of course, our friends at Sharkbanz aren’t just trying to protect us from the sharks, they’re trying to protect the sharks from us too. The ultimate aim is that we can all live in and around the oceans together in harmony. That’s why they’ve chosen to donate 3% of all profits to shark conservation efforts and other environmental organizations that aim to clean up the ocean and protect marine ecosystems.

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