Canada’s gift to your toes

Founded in 1962 by the Kaufman Rubber Company in the Canadian province of Ontario, Sorel originally built a reputation as boot made for the long Canadian winters. Their early boots were known for warmth, durability and their waterproof rubber soles, and they became popular with blue-collar Canadians who needed footwear for the sub zero winter temperatures.

Sorels are now a must-have for anyone venturing out in the snow, and as the brand has seen a resurgence in popularity, their formerly workman-like range has morphed into a collection of chic and stylish boot designs, all maintaining the winter-ready craftsmanship that made them so popular to begin with.

The New Sorel

In the last half-decade Sorel began making boots, shoes and slippers that delivered the same warmth and resilience needed for harsh winter conditions, but with looks to suit style-conscious city sidewalks or snowy après ski events. 

In doing so, they became accepted by the fickle world of fashion and truly took off. Today, if you check out their Facebook page, you’ll see dozens of celebrities and tastemakers who’ve been snapped wearing Sorels from New York City, to Park City, Utah, and beyond.

Premium Materials and Extra Warmth

One of the reasons Sorel is so popular is that they continue to use only premium materials in their footwear. Their winter collections often combine superior rubber outsoles, with uppers made from top-notch leather or suede, and a soft liner nestled with felt and wool. 

Many of Sorel’s winter boots have been certified to keep your feet warm in temperatures below negative 30°C. Yep, these boots are made for warmth, and that’s just what they’ll do. They’ll keep your feet cozy whether you’re walking around the ski-resort at night or taking the dog for a stroll on a crisp evening. 

Sorels at Freeze

If you’re someone who suffers from cold feet, but also wants to look good – hell, even if you don’t suffer from the cold and you just like quality footwear – Sorel could be for you. Their boots are super warm, waterproof, and comfortable to wear on any stroll through the snow, and their cozy slippers feature a grippy rubber sole for those steps outside to retrieve the mail. Highly recommended. 

Any questions?

If you can’t quite make your mind up which pair to choose, or you can’t find what you’re looking for, get in touch. We’re a friendly bunch here at Freeze HQ and we’re ready to answer your questions.