Spark R&D Splitboard Bindings

Add some Spark to your splitboard

What happens when a mechanical engineer named Will – who already loves backcountry snowboarding – tries splitboarding for the first time? First, he’s amazed by how much better splitboarding is than snowshoeing to reach rideable terrain. Second, he can’t believe there isn’t a better splitboard binding on the market to make it easier to hike, set-up and ride. 

This initial splitboard experience sparked Will’s imagination and he set out to design and manufacture the best splitboard bindings possible. In 2006, he and his small crew of die-hard splitboarders set up shop in Bozeman, Montana, at the foot of the Bridger Mountains, to begin designing and testing Spark R&D bindings. 

Over a decade later and the company is one of the premiere splitboard binding manufacturers in the world – still designing, testing and building each of their light-weight and easy-to-use bindings in Bozeman. 

A quest for quality

Will’s background as a mechanical engineer helped lay the foundation of structural knowledge needed to build a better splitboard binding. Not only did he want to improve backcountry access for snowboarders, he also wanted to change the way splitboard bindings were designed and functioned. 

Early on, Spark developed a few prototypes but each time the drawings were sent to manufacturers, the finished products always came back to the company with minor imperfections. 
That’s when Spark made it their goal to take control of the whole design and manufacture process in-house. The company slowly began gaining the knowledge and buying the equipment they needed to manufacture each Spark binding from scratch. Progress was slow, but over time and by doing it right, Spark soon earned a reputation for building one of the most comfortable, user-friendly and ultra-lightweight performance splitboard bindings on the market.

The waiting list for Spark’s products grew quickly as international demand soon eclipsed supply. It wasn’t long before their designs were winning awards while their products were getting backed by some of snowboarding’s best backcountry rippers.

Spark bindings today

Spark still designs and builds virtually every aspect of their bindings in their Bozeman headquarters. They 3D scan, print, bend, punch, cut, tumble, anodize, injection mold, laser engrave, inspect, package and most importantly, test every aspect of their bindings before slope ready and shipped out.

The Spark team is a varied bunch in terms of skillset and background, but they all hold one thing in common – every one of them splitboards. Whether they’re laser engraving, milling, or drawing designs for a binding, each one understands how their bindings work and how they should ride on the mountain.

Their proximity to some of North America’s best splitboard-accessible mountains allows for rider-testing the same day a prototype is built, which means you can be sure that 

Spark at Freeze

We’re stoked to have a collection of men’s and women’s Spark R&D bindings that are ideal for the growing splitboarding community here in the UK and overseas. They’re one of the new players in the snowboard industry, a brand that’s driven by rider feedback and focused on innovative designs that improve backcountry access for everyone. What’s not to admire?

Any questions?

We’re keen split tourers here at Freeze HQ and there’s a team of geeks waiting to answer any questions you might have about your next splitboard setup. Whatever you want to know, just get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.