About Stance Socks

From its formation in 2009, Stance has morphed into a sock-making powerhouse. They began with the idea that there was a hole in the sock market that needed to be sewn up – and not just with the kind of socks you wear every day. Stance set out to make socks that were uniquely designed to be long-lasting and technically advanced enough for performance sports, while looking good enough to make a style statement in their own right.

In 2015 Stance launched a men’s underwear line that followed the same principles as the socks they first designed – based on the belief that quality and testing shouldn’t be compromised on the clothes we wear to protect the important parts of our bodies. 

Fast-forward to 2017 and Stance is now the official sock of the NBA and MLB. They endorse and have partnered with an array of famous athletes, artists, tastemakers and world shakers, while collaborations like the Stance X Star Wars collection have also proved hugely popular. Not bad for a sock company that was first sold in SoCal surf shops and wanted to cater to the board sport market!

Even without all the hype of movie franchise collabs, Jay-Z song lyric endorsements and killer designs, Stance wouldn’t be where it is today without making awesome products. 

What makes Stance worth it? 

With the aim of making socks that wear better, Stance developed an on-site SHRED lab (Socks Hosiery Research Engineering and Development) that includes devices to stretch, roughen and launder every sock prototype they put it into production. 

The result is a range of socks that are technically sound and feature targeted structural cushioning and moisture-wicking design that moves sweat to the ankle and calf area to be evaporated. 

Every Stance sock has mesh ventilation on the top foot, rounded to the arch, which helps your foot breathe. They also feature high needle count stitching in areas like the heel and toe to withstand abuse and increase durability.

The men’s underwear and boxer shorts feature a stretchy and breathable Butter Blend Fabric, along with Feather-Seam Panel Construction, with waistbands that last.

Stance X Freeze

Here at Freeze we’re big fans of Stance socks. The ski and snowboard line of Stance socks are popular with riders, and feature all the benefits of merino wool and moisture-wicking tech needed for the mountains. Stance constantly aligns itself with the right brands, and the Stance X Capita and Stance X Star Wars collaborations are popular items in store and online.

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