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Teko are one of the most technical designers of socks in the world, and their designs are renowned for being sustainable, eco friendly, carbon conscious and regenerative re-cycling, meaning that they are extremely focussed on reducing the global level of emissions on the environment from production and manufacrture. The eco-friendly brand has helped to create ‘the best socks ON the planet, the best socks FOR the planet’ slogan and they are committed to working and manufacturing in a sustainable way. Since their creation in 2004, Teko have set about sourcing the latest materials and new production techniques produce exceptional fit and feel as well as performance in thier chosen sports end use. Teko are fcused on making their company's footprint smaller and in doing so they have created socks that are ergonomically designed and work in harmony with the foot to absorb the constant punishment that is felt during skiing, snowboarding, running, hiking and other adrenalin based sports and uses.