In 1971, a fortuitous mix of unemployed aerospace engineers, an outdoor enthusiast friend and the dream of a better way to sleep under the stars came together to change how we experience the outdoors forever. As climbers, Jim Lea, Neil Anderson and John Burroughs knew first-hand that long days in the hills were only made longer by a uncomfortable night's sleep, and a better sleeping pad was key to changing that equation so they could make the most of thier days in the mountains. This, high tech manufacturing, science and a desire to make the most of every day outdoors created the world's first self-inflating air mattress, and it continues to be the fuel that drives Therm-a-rest today. 

Today, Therm-a-Rest remains at the forefront of comfort innovation and quality, with a commitment to producing exceptional sleeping mats, camping mattresses, sleeping bags, hammocks, camping chairs and seats, pillows and accesories

Thermarest are a focused and passionate team with an insatiable desire to be out exploring the world outdoors. Thermarest share your understanding that being outdoors is a more than a way to define your location – it's an essential part of life. Whether it's your path to personal enlightenment and inner peace, or the place you go for the adrenaline fix of the next big adventure, it's where you'd be now if you could.

Why focus on comfort? It's the simple belief that the better you rest, the better you play. It's a universal truth that is readily apparent in our daily lives, but one that is too often overlooked. From the essential, life-preserving warmth that Therm-a-Rest provided to some of the world's most significant expeditions, to a simple seat that turns a rocky outcrop into the most amazing lunch stop you've ever dreamed of, the right dose of comfort makes everything better by allowing you to be at your best. 

Therm-a-rest are committed to making your time outdoors more enjoyable and productive with everything we do.