TLS – Tools Surf Products

Born in Japan in the late 90s before heading to Australia in 2010 to open up their international operation. TLS are founded and owned by Satoshi Sekino of Sekino Racing Sports – this once pro-surfer is well-known as the man behind one of Japan’s maddest wave pools. Sekino’s keen eye for quality oversees Tools’ surf hardware product development, meaning they produce some of the most reliable and functional equipment for the water. 

More than a poncho

TLS’ Microfibre changing robe is cut from the best cloth. Their product range is packed with the highest quality surf hardware on the market today, and their range of dry robes is no different. TLS combine quality with standout designs and top-end functionality. These surf ponchos are designed to dry fast and keep you cosy as you get kitted up. 

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