Union Snowboard Bindings

About Union Bindings

Union make snowboard bindings. That’s it. Just snowboard bindings. Unlike most of the competition, they are 100% focused on that one product type. That means that they can stay constantly ahead of the game – coming up with new manufacturing techniques, clever construction materials and cutting edge binding design while all the other brands are dealing with boards, outerwear, safety equipment and whatever else they’ve got on their plates.

Proud to be a binding supplier run by riders for riders, all of Union’s snowboard bindings are produced in their own owned-and-operated factory, which means that they can control the supply chain and engineer a level of quality into their bindings that’s hard to beat.

Union Snowboard Bindings

Durability guaranteed

This commitment to quality and durability in the manufacturing stage is something that Union is confident to stand by when it comes to after-sales support too. Every pair of their bindings that you buy comes with a lifetime baseplate and heelcup guarantee.

You can understand why they’re quietly confident and happy to give away such a ballsy guarantee when you see their team roster. The Union team list reads like a who’s who of aggressive and progressive riding across all of our chosen sport’s individual disciplines.

Ever seen Dan Brisse’s drops and transfers from his frankly ridiculous Real Snow videos? Witnessed Torstein Horgmo push the sport forward with another world-first multi-cork? Watched the video evidence of Kazu destroying Japanese pillow lines or Bryan Iguchi busting out huge methods in the Alaskan backcountry? That’s the sort of a beating that Union bindings are designed to take, day-in day-out for life. Oh, and apparently there’s some guy called Travis who’s been known to step into a pair from time to time too, but we’re not sure if he’s done much worth writing about…

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Next level binding technology

With that sort of rider insight and support feeding their incredibly active R&D team, it’s unsurprising that Union are as forward-thinking and driven to perfect the ultimate binding as they clearly are. They’re the only binding to offer Magnesium parts that are half the weight but four times as strong as aluminium. And their Forged Carbon technology allows them to create carbon parts in shapes and configurations that are usually reserved for injection-moulded plastic.

At Freeze, we’re huge fans of Union. We’re proud to stock a big range of their latest and greatest bindings, so if you’re on the hunt for a quality option for your next setup, look no further!

Need a little help?

If you need a helping hand to choose the right snowboard binding, check out our handy snowboard binding guide. If there’s anything you’d like to know more about, or you can’t find the model, size or spec you’re looking for – just get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.