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C-SKINS wetsuits began in 1997, but its story stretches back another 20 years to when founder Carey Brown and his uncle Dennis designed and manufactured the first surfing steamers in Europe out of their garden shed. 

Today, C-SKINS remains one of the leading manufacturers of wetsuits based in Northern Europe, still a family business that’s now under the technical direction of Carey’s son, Mark. 

C-SKINS wetsuits are designed around the idea that cold conditions shouldn’t deter someone from surfing. Instead, they should be able to combat the cold with a product that’s warm and durable, using quality neoprene and materials, without cutting corners on fit and function. 

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Cold-Water-Focused Innovation

With the extensive experience of years in the industry, Mark and his team at C-Skins is leading the way forward in cold water wetsuit innovation. Their goals have always been to make the highest quality wetsuit while using the best materials possible, and spending more time doing R&D on their products than marketing them to the masses. 

This no B.S. approach helped C-SKINS to develop the reputation for producing some of the most innovative wetsuits on the market, tried and tested in the cold-water conditions that they started in. 

C-SKINS want surfers to stay warmer for longer, while maintaining as much mobility as possible. They believe that by using the right construction techniques you shouldn’t feel like you’re wearing 5mm of neoprene. This means not compromising on things like stitching, taping and cut design, and relentlessly testing their products with the best cold-water surfers in the world.

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Our surf customers, team riders and employees are all stoked on C-SKINS wetsuits, boots, gloves, rash guards and accessories. You know it’s top quality gear that’s the result of a long and detailed process of development and innovation that’s continually working to advance their designs, improving warmth, fit and comfort.

C-SKINS suits are hugely popular with cold-water surfers in the U.K. because they’re an independent brand that has stayed true to its original goal – to simply make the best cold-water wetsuits there is.

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