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About Capita

Capita. They Devour Everything. They’re the Defenders of Awesome. Started 16 years ago by snowboard legend Blue Montgomery, Capita began as a counter-culture board brand with quality products, amazing graphics, and a small team of the most core riders. In the time since, Capita has morphed into a heavyweight board manufacturer, produced two snowboard video classics in 2012 and 2015, and continue to stay true to their anti-establishment values and snowboarding. 

Now they're the creators and owners of the Mothership – the world’s first eco-friendly snowboard factory. The newly-minted facility in Gail, Austria, allows Capita to manufacture their own snowboards in Europe with a focus on producing the highest-quality product from locally-sourced materials. The Mothership is 100% hydro-powered from a local river and sits at the foot of a mountain that gives them quick access to unrestricted R&D shred. Capita's ultimate goal with the mothership is zero CO2 emissions and a zero carbon footprint, all while producing the best-riding and best-looking boards in snowboarding.

Capita Snowboards

Trusting the Defenders of Awesome

With a stacked team of elite video part darlings like Dan Brisse and pro models for superstars like Kazu Kokubo and Scott Stevens, Capita makes boards that rip. They also look great, featuring graphics commissioned by some of the most renowned artists and designers. Capita’s board graphics always seem to predict where the industry’s design trends are going while being true pieces of snowboard art in their own right.

Capita’s board lineup has grown with the company and now encompasses decks for every rider. Whether you’d like to hit the park or streets with the uniquely shaped and most photogenic board in production – the Ultrafear – or slash some powder with the Spring Break series, Capita does it right. 

Their boards are consistently among the most well-received and highly rated in the industry. Boards like the all-mountain/freestyle-orientated Defenders of Awesome, and the identically-shaped women’s Birds of a Feather deck, each consistently bring home Transworld Snowboarding GoodWood awards in various test categories.

Many of Capita’s boards feature patented, sustainable dual wood cores, Kevlar sidewalls and carbon fibre beams. There’s also a diverse amount of cambers profiles and board shapes in the Capita lineup, with each board aligning the right dimensions to perform in whatever type of conditions you’re on.

Capita at Freeze

What more can be said about snowboarding’s coolest, most environmentally-friendly board brand and manufacturer? There’s a heck of a lot more, but the best thing you can do is cruise through Freeze’s selection of Capita snowboards online or in store. As time passes and the snowboard industry evolves, so does Capita. The little brand originally from Seattle continues to defend what’s awesome about snowboarding while pushing the sport and its snowboard manufacturing in the right direction.

Struggling to choose?

Navigating your way around a range as awesome as Capita's can be a tricky business. If you're not quite sure what you're looking for or need to brush up on your tech knowledge, look no further than our gear guides. You'll find a guide to buying snowboards, boots and bindings, an outerwear and layering guide and more.

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