SurfEars 2.0 Ear Plugs

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Designed for surfers, swimmers and other water athletes, SurfEars™ protect your ears without affecting hearing and balance” Blocking out water, cold air, dirt & bacteria, SurfEars™ help prevent ear inflammation (swimmer’s ear) and abnormal bone growth in the ear canal (surfer’s ear). SurfEars™ let so much sound through its easy to forget you’re wearing ear protection!


We recommend that you use SurfEars® with the installed leash to minimize risk of losing them. Before using your product for the first time, please read the user instructions and try all different sizes of buds and wings to ensure a proper fit.


SurfEars® can be custom fit to your ears by changing size of BUDS and WINGS.
How to get started:

  1. Try SurfEars® on. Make sure you fit the plugs correctly, like the pictures on the other side.
  2. If needed, change size of BUDS and WINGS to secure a proper fit and seal in your ears.
  3. Plug should fit snugly yet comfortably in your ear canal. Plug should not protrude outside your ear.

Warning: Do not push the center of the mesh when inserting the plug into your ear.


  1. Grip the WING with one hand and pull o the BUD with the other
  2. Position the new BUD at the tip of the CORE
  3. Slide the BUD onto the core by pushing it with your index finger. Keep pushing until the locking ring on the BUD snaps into the groove on the CORE. You’ll hear a slight click sound when fully engaged. Please note that you can change position of the BUD (see picture on other side). In position 1 the BUD sits further into your ear canal, while position 2 makes it sit further out. People with surfer’s ear (exostosis) should use position 2.
  4. Your plug is ready to use!

Tip: Many people have different sized ear canals on their left and right ears. Try on all three BUD sizes to find the best match for your ears. A proper fit is crucial to ensure a secure seal and fixation in your ear.


  1. Grip the CORE with one hand and the heel of the WING with the other.
  2. Insert the rib of the CORE into the groove of the WING. Hold the CORE between your thumb and index finger. Secure the WING by pinching it between your thumb and the CORE. While pinching one side of the WING, stretch it gently while mounting it onto the rib of the CORE with a circular motion.
  3. With the rotation guide snapped in place, gently pull the remaining part of the WING over the rib of the CORE until it snaps in position. Done!

Tip: It’s easier if you remove the BUD before changing the WING.


To ensure proper functionality for your SurfEars® please follow these care instructions:

  • Wash plugs in fresh warm water after use
  • Keep out of direct sun light while not in use
  • Store in a dry cool place

Tip: If you haven’t washed your plugs frequently salt crystals may build up, blocking the mesh and reducing functionality.
To restore functionality of plugs you can leave them in warm water for a few hours, gently clean the mesh with a soft brush, rinse under fresh warm water and let dry.


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