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One of the biggest names in the business

DC shoes are a brand that almost needs no introduction. Since Ken Block and Damon Way founded DC back in ‘93, the brand has become synonymous with action sports footwear and apparel. But despite being one of the few core action sport companies to become mainstream, DC has always stayed true to the riders and lifestyles of the sports they represent. 

Having long been considered the crème of the crop in skateboarding, DC's line of snowboard products and outerwear is now one of the best-selling in the industry. The reason for this is simple – DC has built its reputation on always making the best products for the best riders. Along the way they’ve been worn for more world firsts and competition wins than we’d care to count, but neither DC, their riders, nor the inimitable Ken Block himself seem like slowing down any time soon.

How DC became DC

Back in ’93, DC set out to break the mould. They wanted to make skate shoes that fit the technical, durability and aesthetic needs of the world’s best skaters, while properly embodying their lives and personalities. The results were awesome.

Early DCs had features no one had thought of – reinforced suede, grippy ‘pill’ outsoles, rip-resistant lacing, effective cushioning – but most importantly, they were comfortable and looked fresh.

DC grew rapidly on the reputation of these technical and stylish skate shoes. Demand for their product soon hit a global level, with the DC logo being becoming a regular feature team riders, TVs and magazines across the globe.

Today, DC still makes great skate shoes, but the brand has also expanded into a full-blown snowboard company with a top-notch line of hard goods, apparel and accessories built for the mountains. DC Snow took the skate program’s street-inspired aesthetic for boots and outerwear and made it technical by collaborating on designs and testing with some of the best riders in snowboarding.

Team DC 

When they started out, a lot of companies were making quality footwear – so what made people take DC seriously?  Quite simply, it was their consistently unreal team of athletes and the projects they collaborated on together.

Back in 2003, DC was one of the first skate shoe brands to make a high-budget team video – The DC Video – that featured famous video parts from names like Danny Way and Josh Kalis. DC owner Ken Block even had a private snowboard park built in the backyard of his Utah home where the DC snowboard team could design and test product. They dubbed it the DC Mountain Lab and filmed two classic snowboard videos that showcased era-defining riding from legendary DC pros like Travis Parker and Devun Walsh. 

Today, DC still takes their partnerships with action sport’s best riders seriously. Thrasher ‘Skater of the Year’ winners Chris Cole and Wes Kremer design pro model skate shoes for the brand, while huge snowboard names like Travis Rice and Torstein Horgmo have collections of signature DC products. One thing is clear – wear DC and you’ll be in good company.

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