Dragon Goggles

Dragon are a company that were born in California in the early 90s, and began by developing and selling goggles to the locals who demanded the best quality goggles for snowboarding in. Recognised worldwide now by the iconic Dragon logo, don’t think for a second that these goggles are style over substance. Dragon’s technical development has seen them expand into a global market with the first frameless goggles, the APX, APXs and NFX. All their goggles offer 100% UV protection, Dragon’s patented ‘super anti fog’ treatment, and are all optimized for comfort. Their research and development is led by their super team of Gigi Rüf, Danny Davis, Leanne Pelosi, Jamie Lynn, TJ Schiller and Chris Benchetler amongst others. With riders of that calibre, it’s no wonder Dragon’s technical specifications is as good as their styling – these guys demand the best! The Dragon snow goggle range comes with a wide variety of lens options, but if you do need a replacement Dragon lens, we have plenty of those too.

The hottest new model from Dragon are their Nike Collab goggles – full Dragon APX goggles but with a Nike swoosh. Expect to see these on many of your favourite pros!