Level Suburban GTX Gloves

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These popular pipe gloves are packed with technical features.

Level Suburban GTX Gloves
Level Suburban GTX Gloves


These popular pipe gloves are packed with technical features.

For freeriding sessions at the park, you’ll need gloves that are grippy and weatherproof, while still keeping you warm. Made from water-resistant fabric with a silicone printed palm, the Level Suburban GTX Gloves are the perfect pipe gloves for sticking that grab. Packed with black fleece insulation, they’ll keep you toasty as you shred, while Gore-Tex and Gore Warm technology makes the gloves durable and breathable. A short cuff and slim fit ensure unparalleled dexterity for grabbing tricks. 

The Best Bits

Slim fit

for better grip.

Stretch water-resistant fabric

for water resistance.

Black fleece insulation

for warmth. Level uses only the best insulation materials available on the market today to provide essential protection for winter mountain pursuits.

Gore-Tex and Gore Warm technology

Gloves engineered with Gore-Tex inserts and Gore Warm technology are durably waterproof, windproof and breathable - guaranteed. Even in harsh conditions the whole system of inner lining, membrane and outer material is optimised to keep your hands warmer for longer.

Warmth index

Thermo-plus gloves are the warmest gloves on the market, 30% warmer than standard gloves. With four specific thermal ranges, we keep your hands warm in all possible harsh situations.

Silicone printed palm

for a better grip.

Short cuff

for a better grip.

Glove care

If you have gloves made from breathable materials like Gore-Tex, you should avoid silicone impregnation. It clogs the pores and reduces the material’s breathability.
Gloves rarely get damaged while skiing. Instead, the edges of skis and boot buckles are normally the cause of damage to your gloves. Be careful when handling your skis or boots!

Adjustable strap

for a comfortable fit.

Storm leash


Level Suburban GTX Gloves


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