Full Tilt Womens Ski Boots

About Full Tilt

Full Tilt ski boots use the original three-piece ski boot shell design first developed in the early 1980's by a group of guys responsible for designing space suits. The design, named the Raichle Flexon boot, disappeared in the 90's when the company who manufactured them went out of business. Luckily, there was so much love amongst skiers for this classic design that it was brought back to life by popular demand in 2005. The company that bought the original Raichle moulds, to carry on the story, is known today as Full Tilt. They've taken the much-loved iconic design and added a modern twist, creating the awseome Full Tilt ski boot range that we know today. 

Over 10 years on, Full Tilt continue to use the original three-piece design in their men’s and women’s ski boots, but they've continued to innovate and evolve the range. You now have a choice of four different shells, The FTO (Original), The FTS (Soul), The new FTE (Evolution) and the Adjustable Youth shell.

Full Tilt Boots

A huge and dedicated following

In skiing, there are not many technologies that come back from the dead, but it's clear why this one did when you consider the number of riders who support it. Over 80 Pro Athletes put their faith and trust in Full Tilt - including Big Mountain, Freeride and Freestyle skiers like Seth Morrison, Henrik Harlaut, Phil Casabon and Tom Wallisch. They've all dominated their sport thanks to the super-comfortable three-piece design. 

Ground-breaking design

The smooth flexing ribbed tongue gives a more natural linear flex, that doesn’t bottom out and rebounds like a dream. The tongue is the 1st and key part of the design which couples with the base clog of the shell and the rear cuff. Woking in harmony, these three elements remove the need for thicker, heavier plastics, or overlapping design, to achieve the same fit and feel. This infinite pivot design means you have less shell distortion, no shin pain, and the rear cuff will never bottom out or restrict flex.

Full Tilt Boots

Four options, all with the same DNA

The Full Tilt FTO Original Shell, as the name suggests is the original narrower fit. It's precise, light and grounded in its design, offering an intuitive feel on snow.

The FTS Soul Shell design is a re-imagining of the original, with the added features of a broader, modern toe-box and replaceable rubber toe and heel pieces for extra traction and durability. Both the FTS Original and the FTS Soul shells allow you to tailor the flex of the boot by changing the flex rating of the Ribbed Tongue which can be purchased as an optional extra here.

The newer Descendant range uses the new FTE Evolution shell, which offers the same 3 piece shell construction with a wider overall fit and broader toe box, easy three-position adjustable forward lean, and rubber replaceable heels and toe grips.

The FT Adjustable shell is designed for the little rippers and allows adjustment through 3 full sizes of small junior foot sizes, so they won’t grow out of their favourite boots too quickly.

Each option gets the Full Tilt Intuition liner - they're ultra-warm, very light, and can be heat-molded to offer a precise, superior fit.

As we’ve been stocking the full range of Full Tilt online and in-store since the beginning in 2005, we also carry a full range of spare parts here, as well as thier clothing and accessories line to make sure you look and feel ready to take on whatever the mountain or terrain park throws at you.

Need a little more help?

If you're not sure which style of boot is right for you, check out our Boot Buyer's Guide to get the lowdown on what to look for. If you still have any questions or there's anything you don't understand - let us know! Get in touch and speak to one of the team and we'll be happy to help you out.