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In the 90’s skiing was stale, snowboarding seemed to be the only sport that mattered. With nods to skateboarding and surfing, it had style and attitude, and with the introduction of terrain parks snowboarding was a far cry from the arguably conservative image that skiing presented. Skiing, at the time, was something your parents did and naturally enthusiasm for the sport amongst younger generations was dwindling. That was until the New Canadian Airforce appeared on the scene.

Fed up with the skiing norm, Mike Douglas, Vincent Dorion, Shane Szocs and the late JP Auclair teamed up with Salomon to develop the world’s first twin-tip ski. In 1998 the Salomon TenEighty hit the market and freeskiing was born. Inspired by the creative freedom they saw in snowboarding, the NCA, along with the likes of Julian Regnier, breathed life back into skiing, refreshing the ageing sport and bringing about a culture that would go on to change how we perceive skiing forever.

Freeze was born during this radical skiing revival. Selling his first set of skis from his Edinburgh garage in the winter of 1999, Neil Mitchel founded what was to become the first shop in the world to exclusively cater to the free ski culture. No racing, no moguls, no Nordic and certainly no lycra! Just Freeski.

 The first ‘real’ shop opened its doors a few months later in 2000. Freeze soon became the go-to shop for a thriving community of local skiers and snowboarders. All across the UK, we sponsored riders, events, clubs and even had a big branded pick-up truck, all in a bid to share our stoke for the skiing and snowboarding culture with as many like-minded people as possible.

Over the next 20 years, Freeze has grown from strength to strength. Four shops and three warehouses later. Our product offering has expanded to include Outdoor, Climb & Fitness. Unfortunately, the Freeze Pro Shop Closed in 2020, but the FreezeProShop.com website is still going strong and focussed on giving our customers the best online shopping experience we can.

Freeze was founded around a principle that with the right gear, paired with the right knowledge we can empower a community and share our passion and culture. A local shop for the whole world. Equipping your next adventure.

JP forever.