Anon Relapse Replacement Goggle Lens

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Anon Relapse Replacement Goggle Lens Anon Relapse Replacement Goggle Lens
Anon Relapse Replacement Goggle Lens


Customise your Anon Relapse goggles for every condition

Anon Optics offers an extensive range of lenses with various tints for adapting the Men's Relapse Goggle to any weather condition. Featuring the latest technology for crystal clear vision all day long.

The Best Bits

Anon Cylindrical Lens Technology

cylindrical lens construction utilises de-centered injection technology, which tapers to a thinner profile on the edges for reduced peripheral distortion.

Anon ICT

Integral Clarity Technology anti-fog treatment delivers crystal clear vision, no matter what the elements throw at you. The porous cellulose inner lens surface coupled with our chemically etched ICT anti-fog treatment provides superior moisture shedding and longlasting clarity above and beyond standard acetate lenses. ICT works in tandem with full perimeter channel venting to evacuate warm, moist air from the lens area.

SONAR Lens by ZEISS (On Select Colorways)

exclusively developed for snowsports by Anon and ZEISS, the SONAR lens increases depth perception and enhances contrast for the best possible definition while retaining true world colors.


2 years.


Anon Relapse Replacement Goggle Lens


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