Black Diamond Moji Color Lantern

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Black Diamond Moji Color Lantern
Black Diamond Moji Color Lantern


Follow the rainbow with this compact and colourful camping companion

Get ready to party! Compact, lightweight and unique â€" the Moji Color can light up any situation, whether you're camping with your family, or partying with your friends. With 100 lumens of solid or strobing white light, the lantern can be used as a traditional light â€" but flip the switch and the Moji Color's RGB LED will bring a full rainbow to camp. You can either cycle through colours, or stop/strobe on a single one. With a rating of IXP4, the lantern is also stormproof and can withstand harsh weather conditions from any angle.

The Best Bits

The best bits...

  • 100 lumens of white LED with solid or strobe modes
  • RGB LED for full rainbow spectrum
  • Continuous cycle through rainbow colours with strobe and solid colour modes
  • Stormproof â€" rated at IPX4 to withstand rain or sleet from any angle


Black Diamond Moji Color Lantern


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