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Black Diamond Orbit Lantern

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Black Diamond Orbit Lantern
Black Diamond Orbit Lantern


Bright and ultra-packable, the Black Diamond Orbit Lantern is a pocket-sized, travel-friendly essential for any camping trip

This compact, collapsible lantern is crossed with a powerful torch for versatile, travel-friendly lighting. A lightweight version of Black Diamond's popular Voyager â€" the Orbit features both a super-bright DoublePower LED in a frosted globe for 105 lumens of power in lantern mode, and a DoublePower LED in the bottom for 50 lumens of power in flashlight mode. It also functions in dual mode for near-360-degree lighting for cooking, reading and other camping activities. The dimming function allows you to adjust the light to your needs, while the collapsible design allows for easy backpack storage.

The Best Bits

The best bits...

  • One DoublePower LED with 105 lumens, enclosed in a frosted globe for bright ambient light (lantern mode)
  • One DoublePower LED with 50 lumens, at the bottom of the lamp for a precise beam (flashlight mode)
  • Dual reflector system captures and maximises light output
  • All modes operate from one convenient switch
  • Includes collapsible and double-hook hang loop
  • Compactible to 102 mm (4 in), extended height is 140mm (5.5 in)


Black Diamond Orbit Lantern


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