Slovenian-born Elan have been making skis for longer than most. Their dedication to building performance equipment has made them a leader in the industry season after season. With quality and history, these skis are a sure stand out in the crowd.

Elan Ski

Originating in a Slovenian Partisan workshop Elan skis were first made for Yugoslavian Partisan forces during the second world war. It wasn't until many years later into the 70s when Elan became better known after Swedish race skier Ingemar Stenmark secured three consecutive alpine skiing world cups on Elan skis. Elan skis have come on leaps and bounds over the years to become a world-renowned company with skis such as the award-winning Wingman in their line-up. Look no further.

At Elan they're all about good times with good people. They fully believe skiing is best enjoyed in good company and that's something we fully appreciate and agree with. If your mates aren't there to see you send that drop, did it really happen? Elan Ski continue to bring out state of the art skis for you to share those good vibes with your best people. It's all about having fun and Elan do everything they can to keep skiing fun.