Mystic boarding is one of the world’s leading watersports brands, specialising in technologically advanced products, tried and tested by the world’s top athletes. Mystic creates products that push riders further, allowing them to break boundaries.

Mystic Wetsuit

With a passion for big waves and harsh conditions, but held back by the limited equipment on the market, a pioneering group of Dutch kiteboarders & windsurfers set up Mystic, a brand that helps push riders further. Mystic’s brand is inspired by their team of world champions, pioneers, style icons, industry legends, watermen and women fuelled by storm chasing, swell hunting, and the extreme.

Mystic’s products are built around their needs, sports, and vision, typified in products like the Mystic Impact Vest. Embracing technology and new techniques each year into every line, it’s clear both the athletes and designers share a unique passion, innovation, and vision to raise the bar.