Rip Curl wetsuits

Whether you’re out for a long winter session or a quick summer dip, Rip Curl has got the wetsuit for you. Years of experience and a passion for creating the best surfing equipment out there make Rip Curl a powerhouse in the surfing community.

Rip Curl Wetsuit

With over 30 years of experience making wetsuits Rip Curl is a leading force in the innovation of wetsuit design. Rip Curl’s ultimate stretch neoprene and zip-free entry technologies have set the standard for wetsuits of the future. Whether you’re heading to Bondi beach or hitting the icy waters of Thurso, Rip Curl has got you covered. The latest tech and design ensures the greatest mobility and optimal warmth for whatever waves you are hitting. We love Rip Curl, as I am sure you do too.