ThirtyTwo have been building bomber snowboard boots since 1995. Their 'rider driven' ethos perpetuates across their products and professional athletes. ThirtyTwo snowboard boots are worn by the best, all over the world.

ThirtyTwo Snowboard Boots

Rider driven. Since 1995 ThirtyTwo have been researching, designing, and building some of the best boots about. 32's riders drive their development. Backed by an all-star cast of pro-snowboarders from the likes of Nicolas Müller and Jeremy Jones (the backcountry one), to Sleepy Stevens and Chris Grenier. 

The practically-iconic ThirtyTwo Lashed is a go-to favourite at Freeze, but every season sees another step in the progression of a performance range that keeps breaking boundaries. ThirtyTwo womens snowboard boots are built to break the same boundaries with Desiree Melancon behind the women's-specific range.