Burton Deep Thinker Camber Snowboard

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Burton Deep Thinker Camber Snowboard Burton Deep Thinker Camber Snowboard Burton Deep Thinker Camber Snowboard
Burton Deep Thinker Camber Snowboard


Inspired and developed by Danny Davis this board rips in pow and holds it's own across the mountain

The Burton Deep Thinker is a directional board that charges backcountry jib lines and holds its own in the park, pipe, and on piste. The Directional Camber makes this board super responsive with great flotation. It easily holds an edge at high speeds and is smooth in and out of turns, in addition, the board is super snappy with plenty of pop to help land those tricks, giving this board all-mountain capabilities with a freestyle flare. A versatile board for those who just want to have fun when ripping up the mountain.


The Best Bits

Directional Camber

with camber from the tail to just past the front binding and rocker on the nose. This allows flotation when hitting the deeper powder but still maintains good power and performance with the traditional camber beneath the feet.

Directional shape

has a longer nose than tail. Focuses pop on the tail whilst still providing float and control in any condition.

7mm taper

the nose is wider than the tail. This makes turning smooth and stable at high speeds and creates plenty of float in deep powder.

Directional flex

provides plenty of pop in the tail and a more resilient nose that allows for easy handling through all terrain and conditions.

FSC Certified Super Fly II 700G Core

a strong and light wood that targets specific areas of the core to give pop, strength, and reduced weight.

Dualzone EGD

engineered wood grains strategically placed for consistent edge-hold, response, and added strength.

45° Carbon highlights

provides an aggressive ride with full tip-to-tail carbon layer to reduce weight and fine-tune torsional feel.

Sintered WFO base

an extra absorbent, high density sintered base that provides a durable fast base all season.

The Channel binding system

compatible with all major bindings, Burtons Channel system allows riders to fine-tune their stance. Your stance can be altered quickly and easily and on the go.

Frostbite Edges

provide increased edge control on hardpack or icy conditions.

Super Sap Epoxy

formulated with bio-based materials that reduce the carbon footprint by 50% over conventional all-petroleum-based epoxies.

Infinite Ride

Burton breaks the board in for you so your board will maintain its flex, pop and feel from day one season after season.

Artist: Keith Haring.

3-Year warranty.


Burton Deep Thinker Camber Snowboard


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