Burton Process Flying V Hybrid Camber Snowboard

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Burton Process Flying V Hybrid Camber Snowboard Burton Process Flying V Hybrid Camber Snowboard Burton Process Flying V Hybrid Camber Snowboard
Burton Process Flying V Hybrid Camber Snowboard


Lightweight true twin performance, a board favoured by legend Mark McMorris

Evolved to shed weight and float over all-terrain the Process Flying V is a soft and playful board that is great across the mountain and holds its own in the powder. Burton's Flying V bend gives the board a looser feel and makes it ride super smooth and not as aggressive in the deep stuff. The camber beneath the feet gives incredible holding power for increased grip on the snow. A stable deck for the freestyle rider who doesn't want to be confined to the park.

The Best Bits

Flying V

a blend of camber and rocker performance. Rocker overall, including between and outside your feet, enhances playfulness and float. underneath the feet is a subtle camber that focuses edge control for a crisp snap, added pop, and powerful turns.

Twin shape

perfectly symmetrical and balanced no matter which way you are pointing.

Twin flex

perfectly symmetrical flex from tip to tail for a balanced ride that is equally versatile in regular or switch.

FSC Certified Super Fly II 700G Core

a strong and light wood that targets specific areas of the core to give pop, strength, and reduced weight.

Dualzone EGD

engineered wood grains strategically placed for consistent edge-hold, response, and added strength.

Triax fibreglass

Versatile flex and response for everything from mini to mega shred.


profiled core for easier board control, more energy, and pop.

Sintered base

durable and highly porous, get added durability and superior wax absorption for greater overall glide.

The Channel binding system

compatible with all major bindings, Burtons Channel system allows riders to fine-tune their stance. Your stance can be altered quickly and easily and on the go.

Frostbite edges

provide increased edge control on hardpack or icy conditions.

Super Sap Epoxy

formulated with bio-based materials that reduce the carbon footprint by 50% over conventional all-petroleum-based epoxies.


exaggerated tip and tail scooping turn up the edges for a looser, more forgiving feel that adds catch-free fun when riding everything from a knee-high box to neck-deep pow.

Infinite Ride

Burton breaks the board in for you so your board will maintain its flex, pop and feel from day one season after season.


a tapered tip and tail thickness for reduced swing and easier mobility.

3-Year warranty.


Burton Process Flying V Hybrid Camber Snowboard


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