Burton Support Gloves

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They offer support when needed and let you be free if that's what you want, like a good friend.
Burton Support Gloves
Burton Support Gloves


They offer support when needed and let you be free if that's what you want, like a good friend.

The Burton Support Gloves offer support where you need it with a removable internal support system. Let's face it when your trying new tricks your bound to need that little extra support. This glove also protects you from the elements with DRYRIDE fabric and waterproof membrane providing breathable, waterproof protection from the harsh weather of the mountains. As has come to be expected of gloves of this age, the Support gloves are touch screen compatible.

The Best Bits

Dryride 2-layer fabric

with Waterproof Dryride Membrane 2.0, extra thin waterproofing and breathable for protection and comfort.

Thermacore insulation

offers superior warmth without adding bulk. Keep warm with excellent freedom of movement.

Brushed microfibre fixed lining

moisture-wicking to keep your hands warm and dry.

Screen Grab Toughgrip palm

for total touchscreen control, any finger any thumb you can stay connected without exposing your poor wee digits to the cold.

Toughgrip PU palm

durable, protective, lightweight, breathable and waterproof for ultimate performance.

Ergonomic design

low-profile internal support designed for each hand to offer protection, the support system can be removed if need be.

Size Guide

Burton Snowboard Gloves Size Guide

The table below details recommended sizing for Burton's gloves. The measurements shown are for the width or your hand across your knuckles, excluding your thumb.

Fit Suggestion: Whether you like tighter or loser gloves is personal preference but be wary aof buying them too small as the air space between your fingers and the shell of the glove is what holds the warm air that keeps your hands warm.

MEN 2.5" 3" 3.25" 3.75" 4.25" 4.75" 5.25"
5.7cm 7.6cm 8.25cm 9.51cm 10.8cm 12.1cm 13.2cm
WOMEN   2.25" 2.5" 3" 3.5" 4"  
5.7cm 6.35cm 7.6cm 8.9cm 10.2cm


Burton Support Gloves


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