Mons Royale Magnum Mitts

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Mons Royale Magnum Mitts Mons Royale Magnum Mitts Mons Royale Magnum Mitts
Mons Royale Magnum Mitts


Because merino fibres are much finer than traditional wool, it has a far softer next-to-skin feel and lacks the infamous itch. Additionally, the keratin found in merino has been proven by dermatologists to be beneficial to the softness of human skin, making merino the perfect underwear garment.

Thanks to a natural crimp in its fibres, merino garments boast superior insulation and breathability. Merino garments regulate your temperature by keeping you warm when it's cold, yet cool when it's hot. Merino also has a natural ability to wick any moisture released during periods of high activity. This helps to regulate your temperature by pulling hyper-cooling sweat away from your skin, stopping you from feeling clammy and keeping you warm and comfortable all day long.


Mons Royale Magnum Mitts


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