Deeluxe ID TF Snowboard Boots 2020

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Deeluxe ID TF Snowboard Boots 2020
Deeluxe ID TF Snowboard Boots 2020


The ID is Deeluxe’s best selling snowboard boot for a reason

Blending style and technology into a comfortable performance boot isn’t easy but Deeluxe have nailed it with this one. The versatility of an all mountain mid flex design is mixed with the comfort and feel of a freestyle sole to create a boot that can take you anywhere on the mountain. Deeluxe have also added extra cushioning under the heel save your feet from bumpy conditions and hard landings. For those who like to fine tune their footwear the two part laces allow the foot and shin tightness to be controlled independently and quickly. No knots needed.

The Best Bits

L2 Lacing
Two Speed lacing zones. One over the foot, the other over the shin, both tightened with their own handles to customize comfort and hold
Stiffening up the back of the heel and ankle gives long lasting enhanced response
A beefy strap across the top of the shin can be used to dial up the boot’s response
Skate Flex outsole
A softer boot sole improves the feel of the board through your feet
Makers of high end body protection, Slytech have used that knowledge to create dampening and impact absorbent boot soles
Thermo Block
An insulating lining that reflects heat back into your boot to keep your toes warm
Pro Flex
A specific flex zone across the ankle maximizes support and stops the boot bulging out, loosing stiffness over time
TPS Sheild
Available as accessories, are inserts that stiffen the tongue of the boot so you can customize your response


Deeluxe ID TF Snowboard Boots 2020


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