DPS Phantom Glide Permanent Base Treatment

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If you hate waxing your skis or snowboard, here's your one-stop solution
DPS Phantom Glide Permanent Base Treatment
DPS Phantom Glide Permanent Base Treatment


If you hate waxing your skis or snowboard, here's your one-stop solution

DPS Phantom Glide is revolutionary in the ski and snowboard base treatment game. A one-time application treatment, Phantom eliminates the need to ever wax again - no more last minute rushes to the service centre, or destroying your mum's iron. Not only is it convenient, Phantom from DPS gives you awesome glide on all snow, no matter where, when and how often you shred.

One-off application, long-term performance

Phantom only needs to be applied once, unlike waxing which you need to do several times over the course of the season. Once applied, your base is both harder and faster, and these benefits aren't effected by your time on snow or whether your gear is brand new or a few seasons old. You get a smooth and consistent glide similar to all-temperature wax, but with enhanced performance in warmer conditions.

Good for your skis or snowboard and for the environment

Phantom doesn't use any of the toxic chemicals used in old-skool wax that can bleed in the snow, so by applying DPS' one-off base treatment, you're doing your bit for the environment. You're not going to be breathing in any nasty fumes when applying either - so it's good for you too.

Maintenance friendly

When it comes time to grind your bases, there's no need to worry - Phantom stays put and doesn't need to be reapplied. For P-tex jobs, all you need to do it make sure the ski or snowboard base is clean of dirt and debris and do your repair as normal. There's no need to use wax remover or base cleaner but if some has been used, Phantom will be unaffected and remain a permanent part of your base.

Time to throw away the iron, DPS Phantom has got you and your base covered.

The Best Bits

The best bits…

  • No-maintenance, one-off application
  • Smooth-gliding, fast base result
  • High performance in all snow conditions
  • Planet-friendly chemicals
  • Fume-free application
  • Can be applied to new and old skis and snowboards
  • Lasts for life of your skis or board
  • Not effected by base grinds - as long as your skis still have a base, Phantom is still there
  • No base cleaner required prior to maintenance
  • When base cleaner or wax remover has been used, no re-application is necessary


DPS Phantom Glide Permanent Base Treatment


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