Giro AXIS Ski/Snowboard Goggles

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Giro AXIS Ski/Snowboard Goggles Giro AXIS Ski/Snowboard Goggles
Giro AXIS Ski/Snowboard Goggles


These goggles provide performance, function and durability in a clean, bold style

With Evak Vent Technology, anti-fog coating and a modern frame design, the Giro Axis Goggles are ready for all aspects and conditions, without sacrificing on style. Four self-locating magnets allow lightning-fast lens replacement while keeping the lens locked securely in place, allowing you to adjust your vision to suit your environment. Meanwhile, the medium fit of the goggles accommodates a wide range of face shapes while boasting an impressively wide field of view. These goggles come with two of the best lenses in the business, one sun/all-conditions lens and one Infrared storm/low-light lens, so you’ll always be ready to ride, no matter the weather.

The Best Bits

Vivid Lens Technology

Developed by Giro in partnership with Zeiss Optics, Vivid improves the visual experience on snow by enhancing contrast and definition. It effectively manipulates blue light by letting in contrast-enhancing blue light, while blocking harmful UV light. This filters out the haze so you can focus on enjoying your riding experience.

Injection-Moulded Cylindrical Vivid Lenses with Optics by Zeiss

Injection-moulding a cylindrical lens helps refine optics and minimise distortion that can occur in thermo-formed cylindrical lenses.

Expansion View (EXV) Technology

This groundbreaking new frame design serves up unparalleled peripheral vision. Giro started with a helmet-compatible goggle, shaved down the frame rim and added frameless zones to optimise a massive spherical lens focused on the best possible peripheral vision in a goggle.

Anti-Fog coating

keeps your vision and riding experience on point.

Evak Vent Technology

Found exclusively on VIVID goggles models, Evak Vent Technology uses a new foam made from an ultra-durable, non-absorbent material. Evak vents minimise the chance of fogging by releasing moisture while simultaneously creating a barrier from the elements.

Quick-Change Lens System

The Quick-Change Lens System uses self-locating magnets to assist in lightning-fast lens replacement. Four snap pins keep the lens securely locked in place.

Includes two Vivid Zeiss lenses

sun/all condition lens and low-light lens.


Giro AXIS Ski/Snowboard Goggles


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