GNU 4 C3 Snowboard 2020

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GNU 4 C3 Snowboard 2020
GNU 4 C3 Snowboard 2020


Designed and built to stimulate creativity and pleasure in all conditions on all terrain

From his ever-impressive portfolio of art and snowboarding prowess, Forest Bailey brings us a brand new creation, the 4. An all-mountain freestyle charger, this board is a serious bit of kit. The C3 camber means it’s at home surfing powder and popping off pillow lines as it is laying out carves on the piste. Some camber shapes can give you that edge of the pants feeling when it gets icy but the 4 is armed with Magna-Traction to give you unreal grip.

The Best Bits

C3 Camber

A traditional camber shape with the contact points towards the tips but with a mild rocker between the feet to give precision and power.


The metal edges are wavy rather than straight giving better grip on harder surfaces like a serrated knife.

Tri-Ax and Bi-Ax Glass

glass fibres are arranged in both configurations to give the perfect blend of flex and pop.

G2 Wood Core

Sustainably harvested Aspen core with two Paulownia stringers parallel to each edge makes for a light and snappy feel.

Bio Beans Top Sheet

Using environmentally friendly and sustainable ingredients to make a tough top sheet.

Sintered Base

for good wax retention, which makes for a faster ride.

1-Inch Setback

to keep the weight back and the nose out of trouble in deep snow.

Tail Taper

Making the tail narrower than the nose improves float and increases power at the end of the turn.


GNU 4 C3 Snowboard 2020


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