Head Nexo LYT 110 RS Womens Ski Boots 2020

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Head Nexo LYT 110 RS Womens Ski Boots 2020
Head Nexo LYT 110 RS Womens Ski Boots 2020


Head’s redesigned racing focussed boot for female Formula One skiers with all-new innovative features and materials reducing weight whilst increasing comfort and performance to encourage the need for speed

The supreme new features and innovative materials in this boot are making skiing easy. The weight of the Nexo LYT 110 RS from Head is reduced by 20% through changes in the shape and thickness of materials used in the shell. The stance adopted is more centred and balanced allowing for simpler, and less energy-intensive, flexion and extension. The direct contact of the shell to tongue to user promotes the immediate transfer of energy, allowing for much more power in your skiing, again, whilst reducing wasted energy. All the women's boots in this year’s range from Head come with a variety of comfort promoting additions, such as fur lining, Primaloft material, and more adjustability for a tailored fit. Head recognises that women’s feet come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes and we’re happy to see they’re pushing their technology to give a comfortable and high performance fit for everyone.

The Best Bits

Smart frame shell construction designed for a dynamic rebound, aimed directly at all-mountain skiers looking for top performance.

Graphene infused plastic makes up the shell, delivering a lightweight, high performance and comfortable boot perfectly.

Duo flex which enables excellent balance and control all the way through every turn

Stiffer/softer flex adjustment between 110 and 100 flex

Single Canting

Women’s Double Adjustable Cuff designed specifically for female anatomy with a lower calf cuff and increased adjustability at the spoiler allowing for increased the calf circumference by 1cm, getting rid of the potential for any nasty calf pinch

Foam Wedge

Perfect fit 3D EVO CUSTOM liner made with the very lightweight and breathable Primaloft material, providing effective thermal insulation and comfort

Liquid Fit boot fitting technology injects uncompressible material around the heel and ankle at fitting to produce the most tailored and accurate fit around

High Performance (HP) frame footbed

35mm Velcro strap

Power plate

Grip Walk Option

4 screw micro-adjustable, low profile, alloy Superleggera buckles composed of 90% aluminium for simplicity, effectiveness and reliability

1 Supermacro light ratchet


Head Nexo LYT 110 RS Womens Ski Boots 2020
Ability Level
Intermediate, Advanced
Flex Index
Boot Width
Boot Sole Type
Alpine DIN


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